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All sponsors of JEP2011 will be exhibitors.

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FMC Foret,

FMC Foret is an inorganic chemicals manufacturer, part of FMC Corporation. FMC corporation has 4800 employees all over the world, and a turnover of 3200 mill$. FMC Foret has recently developed OFFNOx, a very active photocatalyst which can be used in different materials. We help our partners to develop photocatalytic products for the sustainable building environment. Our vision is to be the reference supplier for photocatalytic solutions against NOx, offering solutions to Air Quality Plans in the cities, where NOx levels represent a risk to human health. Our mission is to promote and commercialize OFFNOx through joint development with building material manufacturers for any outdoor application.

Advanced Materials-JTJ

Advanced Materials-JTJ (AM) was one of the first nanotechnology based businesses in the Czech Republic. AM have started applied research on photocatalysis and commercial applications in early 2003 with a process for manufacturing photocatalytic ceramic tiles. Later, an industrial process for manufacturing photocatalytic multifunctional paints for air cleaning and a large scale technology to make TiO2 nanoparticles were developed and patented. AM works with several universities and international companies on a variety of R&D and commercial projects. AM is the holder of several patents, and pending patents in the field of material science, photocatalysis and energy accumulation. AM\'s photocatalytic air cleaning system has been already licensed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam and South Africa.

Chemical Center

Chemical Center is the reference for public and private research in innovative materials ranging from design of new generation materials to the development of the conventional ones. Thanks to the synergic integration of the experiences acquired in academic studies, the specialization and complementarity with the many italian and foreing research structures involved, Chemical Center is offering tailor made solutions to undertakers.

Pavimentos de Tudela

Pavimentos de Tudela was born in 1987 with the previous background of the founders and more than twenty years in the manufacture of flooring. After more than two decades we are a mature and innovative company that focuses on advanced technology and continues making the best non-skid paving for outdoor use, a sector in which we specialize.

In this context and after years of research and testing, our R & D in 2008 developed ecoGranic a patented new generation of pavement made up to 20% recycled material in his superficial face that incorporates a powerful catalyst that can transform polluting gases into harmless products for human health and without any impact on the environment. Certified by Applus +, essays and field studies that show the effective decontamination of ecoGranic up to 80% in the degradation of nitrogen oxides (NOx), the main cause of acid rain and numerous heart and lung diseases from different sources of combustion as vehicles and industrial facilities.


EPA is specialized in low and ultra low concentration VOC analysis with its direct measurement GC PID Model 8900 already supplied for photocatalytic degradation studies.

Joma International AS

Joma International AS is a Norwegian nanotechnology company, manufacturer and developer of tailor made nano-sized particles of selected metal oxides (with the focus on titanium dioxide products), nano-structured coatings and composite materials. Our unique large-scale synthesis process enables manufacturing high purity products with low polydispersity and high surface area. Joma nanoparticles can be delivered in a wide range of concentrations, solvents and stabilizers. The product range includes solutions for spray- and dip-coating with 99.9% transparency, solutions for ink-jet and screen printing with up to 55% nano particle concentration, highly stable transparent suspensions, UV protective coatings suitable for plastic materials. Joma actively assist its customers with moving to the new markets of photocatalytic applications and UV protection and provide competent formulation and product development support.