News from JEP 2013

This third edition of the European Symposium on Photocatalysis (JEP 2013) was successful with 200 attendees from 31 countries over the world. The main representation came from France, followed by Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Spain. Most of the audience was academics and students, with 14 % from companies dealing with photocatalysis, in slight decrease relative to the previous edition JEP2011 in Bordeaux. Good organization and warm welcome from Slovenian colleagues from Nova Gorica University is to be acknowledged, with a special mention for the dancing Gala dinner. The location in front of the Adriatic coast was gorgeous and the venue in Grand Hotel Bernardin luxurious.

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Parallel event: 2nd NANOFORCE Joint Working Table, September 25th, 2013

University of Nova Gorica is organizing a Joint Working Table in Portorož, Slovenia. The workshop will be held as a panel discussion, which will focus on the following topics related to nanomaterials and nanotechnology:
- Cooperation between industry and research institutions, between different industrial enterprises and between industry and public authorities.
- Presentation of research results and safety data sheets that were produced during the project Nanoforce.
- Use of nanomaterials in environmentally friendly technologies: possibilities and risks.
Representatives of industry, research institutions and public authorities are invited to present their experiences, knowledge, findings and other relevant contributions.


Welcome to JEP 2013 in Portoroz

Photocatalysis: a sustainable development for improving the quality of life.

Many undesirable by-products present in water or in air because of human activity can be eliminated (or mineralized) by this emergent technology, using cheap and readily available materials.


This process, mainly based on semi-conductors activated by light, has benefited from academic and industrial research over the last 20 years. 


Photocatalysis is implemented in many materials such as glasses, ceramics, paints, metals, lighting bulbs, road coatings and cement binders. For users, domestic or industrial applications are available for air or water purification, for mould removal, or for indoor and outdoor coatings. Current environmental concern promises a bright future for this technology, particularly applications to improving the quality of water and of indoor and outdoor air.

In addition to environmental remediation, promising results are being obtained in energy-oriented applications of photocatalysis like the obtention of solar fuels by water splitting (solar hydrogen) or by the reduction of carbon dioxide, in an artificial photosynthetic process that would lead to the highly desirable re-usage and revalorisation of CO2 emissions



Topics of JEP 2013: Fundamental breakthroughs, recent industrial applications and standardization

JEP 2013, next September, provides a timely update on

  • research breakthroughs on Photocatalytic materials and methods devoted to mechanisms understanding
  • recent European and International standards
  • latest applications of photocatalysis, including:
              - air and water purification,
              - sterilization,
              - self-cleaning materials,
              - outdoor and indoor coatings for roads and buildings
  • energy applications



Organization of JEP 2013 :


Besides communications by leaders in the field, JEP 2013 will foster exchange between academic and industrial practitioners in poster, exhibition sessions and bilateral meetings.


With this aim, the poster session will be of special significance and the posters will be exposed on the JEP 2013 website before the conference.



A bilateral meeting (scheduled 30 minutes meetings) is an opportunity for participants (academic and industrials) to establish new contacts for future cooperation.



Accommodation and travel:

JEP 2013 will be organized in order for the attendees to feel comfortable and quiet during their stay. All the hotels are at walking distance from the venue, located on the sea side and half an hour walk from the picturesque Piran village.

Please note that all the fees include, besides access to conference arena, exhibition hall, bilateral meetings, coffee breaks and welcome cocktail, two free buffet lunches and free access to the gala dinner.
In addition free shuttle buses between the main airports and Portoroz will also be organized according to guests’ arrivals.

The hotel venue (Bernardin Resort) is a 5 stars hotel. However negotiated rates with other less expensive hotels are available in the resort at walking distances and never far from the beach.

Feel comfortable: everything can be booked in one click.

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Who should attend ?

  • Researchers, scientists and high-level academic experts

  • Engineers and Consultants,

  • Testing laboratories

  • Innovation and Environmental agencies

  • Producers and Suppliers of paints and coatings

  • Producers and Suppliers of cement, binders and concrete

  • Producers and Suppliers of glasses

  • Architects, building trades involved people

  • Designers /Solution providers
  • Suppliers of air and water process equipment and technology

  • All actors in Photocatalysis applications and markets



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